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Watch the video showing the technologies used to clean the planet. These powerful elements are friends whit  nature and humanity.

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The company cooperates with hospitals and private clinics, offering solutions to clean and sanitize rooms and objects with high-levels technologies. 
The supplies consist of diagnostic devices, ozone generators, soil cleaning solutions and cold plasma air sterilization.


Oz Biomedical carries out constant research and selection of the best green technologies in the world to offer its customers the TOP at the best price.  It also patents and builds new devices.
All products are carefully tested and certified by our company or by the manufacturer.


Thanks to the accurate and obsessive knowledge of the world of disinfection, Oz Biomedical is in contact with several institutional bodies, both in European countries and outside Europe, for the development of markets with ecological products.


Our integrated cold plasma systems, offer ecological and definitive solutions against any form of air pollution to industries or large companies. The plasma modules are integrated directly into the ventilation systems, guaranteeing huge m3 covers at low prices and ensuring the survival of the electronic equipment.


Green technologies using states of matter or natural elements had already been studied between 1700 and 1800 by world-renowned scientists such as: Benjamin Franklin, Sir William Crookes, Nikola Tesla, Irving Langmuir (Nobel 1932) and Hannes Alfvén (Nobel 1970 ). It is therefore essential that the population knows these elements.


Plasma (cold, hot, temperate), negative ion and ozone technologies already represent the present and will be studied and perfected more and more in the future. Oz Biomedical works with chemical, physical scientists to develop technologies with these elements. 

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