Ozbiomedical Swisse and UniLabTech Srl, together in a strategic agreement for exclusive distribution in Europe

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Ozbiomedical Swisse and UniLabTech Srl, together in a strategic agreement for exclusive distribution in Europe

Ozbiomedical Swisse, always engaged in the marketing of ecological and cutting-edge machinery aimed at preserving nature and protecting man, makes a strategic agreement with UniLabTech Srl for exclusive distribution in Italy and in other European countries.

UnilabTech Srl is a laboratory of innovative ideas and solutions, which through training and research in new technologies, intends to design and develop innovative products and solutions for social, cultural and humanistic purposes.

Currently, together with the strategic consultancy and system integration activities, it has activated a special section in its e-shop in order to provide medical products and prevention solutions health and sanitation for businesses.

In order to expand its range of action, on 5 May 2020 Ozbiomedical Swiss already active in Switzerland, therefore signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Italy of its products with UniLabTech, sharing the principles of scientific and technological innovation.

Partner website https://www.unilabtech.org


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