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Your Natural Shield

Cold plasma decontamination: effective and sustainable systems for sanitizing air and surfaces

Relying on effective and sustainable systems is the challenge we must try to overcome at all costs. We must know how to choose the best in order to insure ourselves against viruses and bacteria in the future in respect of nature. For this reason, in the midst of the health crisis, the most well-known sanitization…
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Filtration and sanitation of the premises, an additional weapon against SARS-CoV-2

Filtration and sanitation of the premises and environments in which we spend a large part weather. Another weapon at our disposal, to coexist more safe as possible with Covid, waiting to defeat him forever. Environmental hygiene, air filtration and the appropriate use of the devices individual protection, they are all necessary to prevent the spread…
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The use of ozonated water as an alternative to traditional disinfectants

To confirm the effectiveness of ozonated water as an alternative to traditional disinfectants is a Norwegian study, published in February 2019 in the authoritative medicine periodical: Journal of Hospital Infection. The research was carried out on 30 nurses, whose hands were infected with the bacterium of Escherichia coli with the aim of comparing the disinfection…
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