Protect yourself from enemies,
 nature offers you  fantastic solutions!

Until now, UV or ozone systems have been used for cleaning and sterilizing the air, but did you know that cold plasma beats them all? Friend of man is able to destroy everything that is harmful to us, giving us a healthy and fresh air. Ø-Virus® is the best-selling cold plasma air purifier in the world, it is used to contain COVID-19 in hospital and public environments. Wuhan Hospital in China, famous for being built in 10 days, has purchased 4,000 units. It has international certifications and patents and was built according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.



Fast and light thanks to its comfortable four-wheel Ø-VIRUS®, it is ultra powerful, covering an area of ​​up to 100 m2. Its cleaning speed of the CADR particulate is higher than 750 m3 / h and of the HCHO CADR formaldehyde higher than 400 m3 / h. With its powerful fan and the four splits along the sides, it guarantees 360 ° coverage.

Ø-VIRUS® Series

Built with a plasma module that generates high density cold plasma (1.8 × 1017 – 1.0 × 1018 / m3). The residual ozone concentration in the air lower than 0.025mg / m3 and is ultra silent (<50 dB). Plasma lamps have a long life of over 30,000 hours. The mobile model covers up to 100 m2 in 1 hour, guaranteeing precise cleaning even in large rooms.


Advanced technology  

Ø-VIRUS® has a Wifi connection and the Smart Manage System app for air quality diagnosis, tracking and downloading of data on the cloud with the possibility of controlling multiple units together; if bad air quality is detected, the system automatically starts Ø-VIRUS®.


Whatever large structure you have, don’t fear plasma modules will help you

Integrated directly into the air conditioning system, they will guarantee you pure and decontaminated air throughout the company. Plasma, rich in negative ions, increases concentration and blood circulation, offering significant benefits.


Professional six-stage filtration, purification and sterilization technology. High energy ions are able to effectively eliminate any suspended particle such as: viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, pollen, MRSA (antibiotic resistant bacteria). Finally, it gives the air, with negative ions, a fresh scent.


Cold plasma is totally harmless to humans and animals. All products are built to work in synergy with the human being. Unlike ozone, the cold plasma in the air is safe for human/animals and does not oxidize the electrical circuits. 
Plasma module  generates high density cold plasma 
(1.8 × 1017 – 1.0 × 1018 / m 3 ).


The regeneration of air in its pure state contributes to the well-being of the planet. With plasma devices we can clean up what we have soiled so far, saving money.
A healthy environment is pleasant to live every day and increases its efficiency. CADR particulate is greater than 750 m3/h and of the formaldehyde HCHO CADR greater than 400 m3/h.