Innovative product that connects you to the world of nature, so you can furnish your home with style, meditating on your interaction and your cultivation skills with the essential comfort of modern technology.

Enjoy the
Italian design in your home

Made in Italy means creativity, brilliant
solutions, elegance of detail and novelty in
style. The possibility of being innovative
while living in harmony with nature.
Enjoying gardening and horticultural activities
in an easy and clean way in your home
to transform your life into one that is
healthy and balanced. Miobio®  sums up all
the characteristics of Italian design; a blend
of beauty and technology..


Discover your home greenhouse


Miobio®, a green space in your own home, a positive and creative area; a place for dreaming, escaping and having contact with the living world of nature; trasforming your life into one of wellness and naturalness as you care for your plants and dedicate yourself to horticulture. 


Is equipped with an automatic irrigation system that supplies the correct amount of water necessary for each independent tray. Through the sub-irrigation system, water is supplied to the bottom of the tray. The same amount of water is supplied at time intervals, which can be selected.

User Manual (EN)


The design allows a modularity of its internal space through maintenance and extraction of its trays that define the areas of cultivation. Three recommended configurations: 4 areas, 40 centimeters each; 2 areas, 80 centimeters each; in an area of 1-5 meters… now have fun giving free rein to your imagination.