“Trema o uomo se t’illudi, di sfruttar quel che ti nutre senza conseguenza alcuna” 

There is only human genius and plasma energy. United can transform the impossible into possible. Plasma is considered to be the fourth state of matter, which therefore differs from the solid, liquid and aeriform. Plasma is the energy that moves the whole universe, the rest is dark matter.

The balance of the Universe

Climate changes

Air, water and soil pollution have directed the earth towards a slow death. But if the earth dies, everything it contains dies with it. It is  man’s responsibility, a privileged species, to protect the planet and the whole universe.

COVID-19 and Future Viruses
When the planet is dirty … it gets sick and with it all the beings that live there. The global pandemic disaster caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus has shown the weakness of the planet.


You too can begin to love your planet. Help us to clean it up from the pollution with which we have soiled it. Convert to Green-Humanity

regenerated leaves

green clients

m3 air purification 

What does Oz mean?

If we talk about sterilization, we immediately think about the Oz…one, but this is not the meaning of our brand. Oz is a set of three symbols: a circle, a square and a line. The circle represents the sky and what is non-material; the square represents the earth and what is material and the line that connect both is united humanity. No borders, no racism, no poverty but only one healthy Humanity. The union of peoples and human balance will lead man to dominate the universe. Oz Biomedical wants to lead humanity to respect the planet and life itself.

                               OUR COLORS

Only three colors: the dark blue (union of the soul) and white (purity, good), dominate black (dark matter).

Oz’s goal is to protect man and the planet from threats from bad “alien” species, including viruses and pollution.