Gmate® COVID-19

Wondering if you’re safe?

Have you ever dreamed of carrying out rapid tests on the street without laboratories, specialized doctors and air transport of samples?! With the Gmate® COVID-19 rapid test, in just 15-20 minutes you can know if you are positive, negative or positive but asymptomatic to SARS-Cov-2 !! As comfortable as a mobile phone, with a long-lasting battery, the Gmate® COVID-19 is produced by Philosys Medical International in South Korea, where it has contributed enormously to the detection of asymptomatics. Easy to use, suitable for law enforcement, governments, companies, nursing or rest homes, institutions and all those who need to check for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Turn on Gmate® COVID 19 now and start doing preventive screening! Time is Life.

Press a button and start the test

Take Gmate® COVID-19 with you and perform immediate tests! Exactly how alcohol tests or similar drug tests are conducted. After having scanned the sachet containing the test just make a nasal swab, insert it in the UTM mix and finally insert a small quantity of the sample in the cartridge. After 15 minutes the result will be clearly visible on the screen of the Gmate. Population screening is vital for eliminating the pandemic COVID-19.

Easy to use and with antigen technology

Take a mucus sample or a nasal swab, mix them together with the reagent and insert the mixture on the disposable cartridge, finally in the Gmate® COVID-19 to know the result. Watch the video and find out how easy it is to use it.


Immunoenzymatic Test

The enzyme immunoassays (united by the generic abbreviation EIA: Enzyme Immuno Assay) use in a coupled way: an immunological reaction (antigen-antibody bond) to selectively bind the molecule sought, and an enzymatic reaction to produce a colored signal easily measurable by eye or in quantitative way with suitable photometers. The immunological component of the test ensures its specificity while the enzymatic component ensures its analytical sensitivity.


• Gmate® COVID-19 is able to detect SARS-Cov-2 during the incubation period.

• The swabs do not require storage and transport with refrigerating cells. • The results are not contaminated by external substances that interfere with the test • Simple and fast detection system: results are detectable in 15-20 minutes • Accuracy: 93.3% • Relative sensitivity: 93.4% • Relative specificity: 97.3% • Operation temperature: 18° – 28° C. • Dimension: 34.1 x 33.75 x 5.6 mm • Weight: 5 gr. • Storage temperature: 2° – 8° C. • Gmate® COVID-19 provides a rapid diagnosis of the presence of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and is a device for professional use.

What do I find in the TestKit Box

Each TestKit Box contains 25 disposable packs, each containing inside: nasal swab, UTM tube whit reagent, and cartridge as shown in the photo below.



Thanks to the disposable cartridges contained in the test kits (available separately), tests can be performed anywhere without having to transport the samples to hospitals or analysis laboratories. In addition to avoiding transportation costs, contamination of the environment and of the samples themselves is avoided. (altered results)*

* For the collection of liquids on the pad use gloves and follow standard hygiene rules


Gmate® COVID-19 is a device capable of analyzing swabs without biological risks without the need to employ specialized healthcare personnel to analyze the data, in a few minutes it provides the positive or negative result in a clear and reliable way. Its use is very simple, therefore it does not require specialized operators.


Thanks to the enzyme immunoassay, you will not need a hospital laboratory or other medical equipment. The device can be used anywhere but always with the necessary precautions when handling swabs and disposable cartridges.

The cartridges can be stored in the fridge (from 2 ° -8 ° C) and must be taken from the fridge 25-30 min. before use (18°-28°C.)Single-dose cartridges and swabs must be disposed of as special waste in accordance with current regulations.

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